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> Juno Takano

Developer, translator, Systems Analysis student


I am currently working with the development and deployment of solutions for translation, transcription and subtitling processes, from digitalization to final review and distribution. I live in the city of Jacareí, where I am attending the third semester of the São Paulo Federal Institute's Systems Analysis course.

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I come from the language business, where I started teaching English as a Second Language classes. Later I transitioned to a translator position, where I had my first experiences with assisted translation tools. This was the context where I first started applying my technical knowledge and turning it into actual solutions.

In 2019 I co-founded NEWEN, a small freelancing agency that works with several demands related to multilanguage resources and textual services.

Keeping our stack up to date, acquiring knowledge that adds value, and providing support so this value can multiply are some of my main responsibilities.

Besides this, I share my data-oriented perspective and am always gladly learning about the state of the art among the text-to-speech and machine translation APIs available in the market.

Along these 4 years we have worked across different levels, from small individual projects, big and small brands and even partnerships with other translation agencies. If your project also needs internationalization, it would be a pleasure to get to know it too.







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